Watch this 10 minute video on how we use the 'Hip Mobility Solution' to generate better hip mobility and improved physical performance for our clients.

We've helped over 12,000 people improve their physical performance.

Our clients all want to physically improve into their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Come inside and swipe the strategies we use and install them into your own training. Type in your primary email address above to watch the training and get daily stories, case studies, and free resources.

Come behind the scenes as I reveal the step by step system to build better and better physical performance as you age.

First, the truth...

The results I’m sharing with you are not typical.

We have the benefit of over 20 years of practise.

The system inside is a product of that experience.

The average person who consumes or buys ‘how to’ info gets little to no results.

The real-world examples I will send you are from real work.

Your own results will depend on your experience and work ethic.

All progress contains risk, action, and consistent effort.

If you’re looking for ‘get easy results without any work’ DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO OR JOIN OUR COMMUNITY.

Nothing I give you is ‘easy’.

With that said..it’s ridiculously SIMPLE..let me show you.

What You’re Getting...

This is drastically different from anything you've ever seen because I literally let you swipe the things we've used and use on a daily basis with clients.

We don't use strategies that don't work. That would be self-harm...

We show you the things I do, our team or with our clients, then occasionally make invites for you to get hold of the strategy and get my help implementing it.

At 37 years of age, I'm physically performing and in better shape then my 20s...

At this point,

Most online guru’s trot out a rags to riches story.

They found the answer to life behind from some mitical guru and became an overnight success.

I don’t have one, sorry.

Rewind 12 years ago and I was suffering with shoulder pain.

4 years of confusion, unanswered questions, and chasing a result that was never going to come.

I trudged through the 100s of different therapies, spending thousands of euro and getting nothing but short-term relief. (going to experts who have the "answer" for your issue and it not working, time and time again, is tough).

I wanted to find a way.

After four years, ANY way.

I needed to take back control of my body.

A body that filled me with confidence and one that I could trust.

Particularly as I aged and the responsibilities of life began to bear heavy.

So I thought, "f**k it."

I'm sick of not being able to train without being in pain or getting injured.

So I hire a coach to teach me on the gymnastic rings.

It was a baptism of fire.

I learned a lot.

Within 6 months I was stronger, able to do things In have never been able to do and the most important thing?

I was no longer in pain.

The funny thing?

There was no one movement or "thing" that fixed my issue.

It was a complete mindset shift.

Through education, learning a new skill and taking the focus off the injury (and focusing on a goal I could work towards).

I was physically moving better than ever.

I had completely shifted my identity from somebody immersed into the victim mentally ("why me?").

To somebody with energy, life and a clear vision of who I wanted to be.

I began to completely change my approach to training.

I invested in mentors from all over the world, to better understand different systems and ways of training.

I changed my approach with clients from just focusing on the physical results to a more holistic system that covered body, mind and life.

And the response was phenomenal.

2 years into a more holistic training approach, I met Rob.

We set up Movement 101 a little under 7 years ago with a view of changing the perception of strength training in the industry.

Today, we have a dedicated team working to help 100s of people physically improve their performance.

We're experts at getting people physically better in their 30s, 40s and 50s.


Most people love to complicate the process of training.

I know I’ve made every mistake in the book.

But it’s actually ridiculously simple.

Here it is:

Step 1: Focus on a specific goal.

Step 2: Build your training and life around achieving it.

Everybody knows the first step is easy.

You know what you want to achieve (although I guarantee we can make it even more specific).

But how do you physically improve as you age?

How do you keep getting better in your 30s, 40s and 50s?

How do you combat the obstacles of everyday life wanting to take you off track?

That’s what our "Hip Mobility Solution" and our other systems do.

And I detail every step inside.


Lots of people skip straight to the bottom to find out how much something is and what's the deal... I'm offering you a FREE video to generate better hip mobility and improved physical performance.

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