Tired of feeling beat up & stiff from the gym?

Want to learn how to train to be strong, AND more mobile?


An in-person workshop for people who strength train but are sick of the same old gym exercises leaving them feeling more broken than strong.

We will give you a clear path to physically move better using our
Hybrid Strength Training Approach.

Stop the ups and downs, and and progress to a BETTER level than where you are right now (whatever your age 💪🏻).


Does This Sound Like You?

  • You're Confused About WHAT To Do! - There's so much conflicting information on social media and peddled throughout the fitness industry - What actually works? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • You're Not Where You WANT To Be! - You want to feel better, get better results from the gym & make long term progress 💪🏻

  • You WANT To Learn - You're tired of JUST being given a programme with no real education behind it. You crave learning 🙏🏻

  • You're Tired Of Feeling Immobile & Stiff - You shouldn’t feel beat up, and stiff from the gym. In fact, there is something fundamental WRONG with your approach if this is what you feel 👵🏻👴🏻

  • You Want To Do HUMAN Things With Confidence - You should be able to run, walk, bend, twist, turn, jump etc. without fear. Most people don't have the necessary FOUNDATIONS in place and wonder why they aren't progressing 😕

Our Weaponize Your Body Workshop will help to unlock your physical potential and enable you become the best version of yourself.

You've Probably Already Tried...

#1: The Classic Short Term "Mobility" Modalites - Foam Rolling, Massage Guns and Manipulations.

You get short term results but don't actually see any real difference long term.

#2: A "Mobility" Programme

A separate mobility plan (often boring & time consuming) outside of your gym programme. Most never stay consistent.


You've been told your "glutes are turned off", you've an "anterior pelvic tilt" or you've "rounded shoulders".

These (as well as an endless list of other "issues") have only made you feel frustrated and more confused then before.

What If It Didn't Have to Stay This Way?

Here's What You'll Learn

  • You'll know EXACTLY what to do. You have the plan, knowledge & tools to get the results you want. All you have to do is take action.

  • You'll learn about YOUR body. You'll know what you should focus on (long term) to build the necessary foundations and get the results you want.

  • You'll Shift Your BELIEFS around your body, strength training in general and the WHY behind what you do. This shift in identity is how we help our clients make long-term progress.

  • You'll be CONFIDENT you can change. You'll see immediate results, understand the underlying reason behind that change AND see WHY the things you have previously tried simply haven't worked.

  • You will think about your results HOLISTICALLY. Learn the 6 drivers when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle in order to improve your performance (John our nutritionist will be presenting at the workshop 💪🏻).

In This Workshop, You'll Learn

4 Fundamental Principles

to Strength Train AND Be Mobile

also known as


#1: Position

Fundamental To Improve Mobility

#2: Breath

Completely Neglected By Most

#3: Intent

The Main Factor Behind Our Clients Results

#4: Lifestyle

The 6 Drivers for Improved Performance, Recovery and Overall Well Being.

BONUS: Gain lifetime access to a new 8-week strength training programme for FREE (Value €299)

This gym programme has been specifically designed to get you strong AND improve your mobility. This is not available to the public and only accessible for attendees to the workshop.

What You'll Get...

  • 4 Hour In-Person Workshop to get direct access to Brian, Colman (Movement 101 coach) and John (M101 Nutritionist) to learn, ask questions, & ensure you understand how to progress (we're here to coach you).

  • FREE Lifetime access to your 8-Week Gym Programme. Only available to people who attend the workshop. Transform how you move, feel, and perform with this 8-week strength training programme.


“Back pain has gone, I am back running for the first time in 2 years & physically in the best shape I have been in for years." - Declan, 33

Now in his 40s, he's in better shape than his 20s and 30s.

“I am 10kg down, training four times a week, feeling stronger than ever & my persistent back pain has gone." - Shane, 44

"To think I have improved my squat position and I haven't even squatted once. My hips feel so much better." - Diane, 36

"As a dancer, I have been stretching for YEARS. I have got better results in 4 weeks training this way then any amount of stretching has ever gotten me. I honestly can't believe it." - Claire, 35

“The first picture is after 6 months of doing yoga 3 times a week. I still can’t believe the difference in only 4 weeks. It’s a bit mad when you see them side by side. - Orla, 34

...and there's MORE

You don’t need another “quick fix cure”.

You need a guided proven process to recovery.

That’s why we designed the Weaponize Your Body Workshop - where we will guide you to get strong, mobile and moving better than ever.

We know that your health requires a multi-faceted approach, and we’ve designed this workshop with you in mind:

To make the first guided steps towards physically improving and getting mobile, especially if you strength train.

Our goal for you, is to improve your confidence in your bodies ability to move.

This is possible for EVERYONE.

Our workshop is the first step in getting you there.


We're keeping this workshop small you can get the absolute most out of the experience.

If you've been wanting to learn from us in-person from years of online only programs, come join our workshop!

You have Questions, We have Answers!

I have a specific injury, is this workshop for me?

No. We will not be individually assessing people during the workshop, and it has not been designed to deal with specific injuries.

The workshop is for anyone wanting to take their training, knowledge, or mobility to the next level. For those people ready to physically improve their performance.

We recommend reaching out to work with us individually for specific issues you have.

What will I learn from attending the workshop?

The EXACT principles we use to get the results we get with clients.

You will have the ability to truly transform your body and performance with the information we deliver at the workshop.

You will also be learning directly from our nutritionist on the fundamental principles needed to directly improve your performance.

What will the 8-week program do?

This is a completely new programme we have created to get you strong, AND physically improve how you move.

The programme will train into areas you have never trained in the gym before and give you the ability to get the same results we get with clients every single week.

Everything you learn from the workshop will be immediately applicable to the 8 week programme.

Where is the M101 studio?

We are based right beside Dublin Airport. We have parking directly outside the studio, and it is super easy to find.

For those travelling by bus. Dublin Airport is a 10-15 minute walk or 2 minutes in a taxi.

How long is the workshop? I might not be able to attend the whole day.

The workshop will begin at 11am and will last approximately 4 hours (it may go a little over on occasion).

It's fine if you can't stay for the whole workshop but we do recommend being able to attend at least 3 hours to maximise your experience and get the most from the information we will be sharing.

The M101 system has been developed to a world class standard.

We use these exact fundamental principles with our existing private clients.

We will change your perception of strength training forever.





An in-person workshop for people who strength train but are sick of the same old gym exercises leaving them feeling more broken than strong.

We will give you a clear path to physically move better using our hybrid strength training approach.

Stop the ups and downs, and and progress to a BETTER level than where you are right now (whatever your age 💪🏻).